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to inspire & support your self-discovery journey

  • Connect to your essential inner wisdom.

  • Cut through mind chatter and ignite your intuition.

  • Trust your own wisdom with confidence.

The answers you seek are within you! All you need is to be curious & open. No experience necessary.

The Soul Trees Oracle is now available in the Deckible App!!

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Original Art, Coaching, Creativity, Cards 

Soul Trees® original custom artwork is currently available. We are in the midsts of great transformation. Which can feel overwhelming and uncertain at times with so much changing quickly. Soul Trees® are created for you, inspired by you! They offer grounding, inspiration, connection, inner peace and will remind you of your true nature. Create an intention that will guide the painting process or choose to be open to what unfolds for you. The choice is yours!

"I received my Soul Tree as a surprise gift. Immediately upon opening it, I was amazed by how it connected with me. Seeing my inner light bursting out into the stunning colors brought me to tears. As someone who often overlooks themselves, it was amazing to truly see myself represented in this beautiful art and know that I am worthy, loved, and seen for who I am." - A.G.



Live your truth by expressing your creativity!

How it works: clarity >  connect to your intuition & creativity > make positive supportive changes  > live purposefully.

Working together we dig into clearing limiting beliefs that have held you back from living a creative life. You will learn to connect to your inner guidance system, which is where our inspiration to create awaits us. I believe we are all creators here to grow, thrive and live meaningfully. Let's co-create and dive in!

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Curious to know what customers think of Soul Trees® cards? Take a look at what our customers have to say. We love getting feedback in order to improve our business operations, and invite you to read some of our testimonials below.

Thank you!! I am LOVING this deck. It is my style..simple yet profound. It gave me and my hubs great readings right out the box!

Shannon Gomez - Indie Deck Hub

Rebel Deck

"Soul Trees Oracle, Self Discovery Cards and the Dreamers Journey Deck are my go-to decks for daily inspiration and introspection. Allyson is such a talented artist and her light shines through in her stunning decks and journals. Her decks prompt you to reconnect and dive deep into your own inner guide for answers. They arrived quickly and packaged so beautifully with care. I highly recommend any of the Soul Trees decks whether you are a beginner or a long time reader, you will not be disappointed. Even my fur babies love the good energy that come