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Soul Trees® Healing Arts specializes in personal growth, energy healing, and coaching. Our foundation is rooted in creativity, personal growth, painting trees and has since grown into the realm of intuition and self-discovery. We use leading-edge energy techniques, intuitively chosen to address the unique energy and needs of every client. Our methodology is designed to take you on a journey of transformation and self-discovery, so that you can achieve your highest potential. Join us on this adventure and discover the magic and healing power of Soul Trees®.


Allyson is an artist, coach, and the creator of Soul Trees®. After receiving her BFA, her primary focus became painting, teaching, and spirituality. She went on to explore her growing interest in intuition and spiritual awakening. In 2011, she founded Soul Trees® intuitive art, which combined her love for painting and intuition. Additionally, she has created five oracle decks incorporating self-discovery and providing an opportunity to access the innate wisdom within each of us.

Allyson recently became certified in the Emotion Code. In 2019, Allyson completed Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Coach training. She enjoys combining all her passions by helping others gain clarity, connect to their inner wisdom, and expand their lives.

Allyson’s decks include: Soul Seeds Oracle, Soul Trees Ascension Deck, Soul Trees Oracle, The Dreamer’s Journey, and Soul Trees Self-Discovery cards. Her decks have reached 51 countries worldwide.



At Soul Trees®, we are dedicated to being of service to individuals seeking inner peace and clarity. Our mission is to help people access the innate wisdom held within their body, mind and spirit, so that they may live more authentically and in harmony with their true selves. We believe that true healing begins with the individual, and we strive to empower each person with the tools and resources needed to achieve their goals.



Soul Trees® is a place of healing, growth, and transformation. Our services facilitate the release of resistance, which acts as a blockage to our natural expansion and healing. Through increasing self-awareness, we are able to tap into our creativity and intuition and open ourselves up to new possibilities and perspectives. Our experienced practitioners are here to guide and support you on your journey of self-discovery and healing. Come join us and unlock your full potential.

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