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Soul Trees Coaching

Last Summer, I completed Martha Beck's Wayfinder Coach training program.  I am excited to combine what I have learned in the training with my own Soul Trees tools and expertise. They are a great complement to each other. 

My goal as a coach is to support you in stepping into greater self-awareness and growth. Self-awareness opens the door to: clarity >  informed choices > opportunity > positive changes >  goal achievement > living purposefully. Working together we dig into clearing limiting beliefs, creating your life intentionally, and connecting to the inner guidance always present for you. We are all here to grow and thrive and we all need help along the way.

I would be honored to assist you on this journey!

I am offering you the opportunity to work with me 1:1

using tools I adore and my popular Soul Trees cards. 

SPECIAL OFFER: 4 session package:

  • (4) Coaching sessions (50 min)

  • (1) Soul Trees Oracle deck  

  • (1) Journal

We will talk about and play with some or all of the following:

  • Your mind-body connection. 

  • Intuition and how yours works.

  • How metaphor shows up in your life and how to interpret the messages.

  • Discover and clear limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  • Your dreams, nighttime, and waking.

  • Your ideal day and how to take steps to create it.

  • Anything you would like help with.

What outcomes can you expect? 

  • Clarity in decision-making.

  • Keener sense of mental/emotional well-being.

  • Stronger personal boundaries.

  • Living your most authentic self.

  • Embracing your potential.

  • Reduction in fatigue, confusion, and resistance.

  • Increased self-confidence.

  • Living more aligned with your beliefs and values.

  • A vision for your future.

$249 - for (4) sessions, Soul Trees deck & Journal

One Single session with a deck ($79) 

Single sessions (no deck) ($55)

Each client and session is unique, therefore, your results are dependent on you. 

We will begin our coaching with intention and allow each session to unfold in a way

that supports and honors you. 

Sessions can be done in person (Ann Arbor, MI area) or by phone.


Contact Allyson to book your free 30 min discovery call. The purpose of this call:

  • Are we a fit?

  • Does my approach interest you?

  • What changes would you like to make in your self/life?

  • What matters most to you growing forward into your best self?

Have a question? Send me an e-mail!


** Coaching is not therapy and should not be used as a substitute for therapy. Therapy and coaching support you in different ways and focus on different areas and issues in your life. Coaching supports where you are now, we work toward goals and mindfulness. Using supportive tools that offer clarity and guide you in creating a more joy-filled experience. Typically, therapy addresses, dis-ease, illness, trauma, deep struggles that are affecting your life. Coaching and therapy can be done simultaneously if that feels right for you since they achieve different results. 


My Journey

... a long road and a healing journey

2018 was a year that kicked my butt, quite literally from January to December. I went through a physical and emotional challenge and transformation. At the time I felt it was meaningful and served a purpose, though I didn't know what it was. In hindsight, I can now see it was the push I had needed, no more tiptoeing around living my purpose, it was time to jump in and embrace it all. My physical challenges pushed me to a place of taking more risks, trusting myself, advocating for myself, and letting go of what was no longer supporting me. I reached a point where I was sick of my own BS, that is usually when we are ready to change, right? 

Mid-way through 2018, I unexpectedly stumbled upon Martha Becks Wayfinder Training. I have taken so many classes and training over the years, but this spoke to me in a new way. I recognized that I was discovering what would become my place in the world. Without much hesitation, I dove right in. I felt deep within me that this would heal me and knew it was exactly what I had been searching for, it did and the healing and transformation continues. 

In my personal life long search of self-discovery, I am now at a point of eager readiness, to work with you! What can I offer you? I am a compassionate listener, I am curious, creative, mindful, and intuitive. I have been down many roads and I am continuing to learn to trust myself, my intuition, inner truth, and honor it all. I would be honored to guide you on your journey using my personal insights, experiences, and training. As the journey continues, I will bring my ever-evolving authentic and imperfect-self to our time together and I ask that you do the same. This is the way to co-create magic together and embrace the process.



If you want someone who - meets you where YOU are, facilitates compassion (for yourself & others). Holds space for open curiosity & exploration without judgment, & is truly PRESENT with you (a rare a magical thing) - Allyson is that person. I highly recommend working with her. ~ Angelique

Working with Allyson allowed me to finally step past a specific pattern of behavior that had been holding me back in the past. From our work together, I was able to get clarity on the repeated behavior and understand my prior choices so that I could start to make new ones. From this insight and my new choices, I have come to a place in my life where I am stronger and freer and more true to myself. - Kate

Allyson has been my main Intuitive Coach for years now because she has a natural sense of how to guide me out of the deep, dark forest of my thoughts and emotions and back into the light of day where I can see things clearly again. Allyson's advice is full of clarity and practical wisdom, which leads me to a better new path! Allyson’s wisdom also comes from her own beautiful Oracle deck! These are my favorite cards, I use in my own practice! And most importantly, she cares. Her non-judgmental compassion is very real and such a comfort. - Colleen