Soul Seeds will ignite your imagination and intuition, transporting you to new realms of possibility.



  • 80 oracle cards

  • 10 page instructions booklet

  • silver gilded edges

  • 2 part hard box 

  • printed on 350 gsm smooth card stock

  • card size: 2.75" x 4.75" (standard tarot card)


How is this deck different from the other Soul Trees® decks? Soul Seeds are cosmic, curious, and imaginative. The imagery is a brand new expression, the words are simple yet expansive. Soul Seeds will encourage you to connect to your intuition in creative new ways that will in turn lead to an infinite realm of meaningful discoveries. 


The instruction booklet includes keywords to expand the cards potential meaning, but not full interpretations. I do not want to limit the possibilities of the card messages. A card will have a different meaning and interpretation for each person and question. As with all Soul Trees® decks, I encourage you to go within and trust your inner wisdom. This builds the muscle and trust of our intuition. I will help get you started through suggestions and examples offered in the instructions. As always, I encourage you to use this deck as it inspires you. 


Soul Seeds will encourage you to stretch your intuition & imagination every time you work with the deck. I am super excited about this deck and can't wait for you to work with it!

Soul Seeds Oracle Deck