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2024 Reset and Clearance Sale

Updated: Apr 6

I am close to the end of my stock of the Soul Trees Oracle, Soul Seeds Oracle, and imperfect Ascension Decks. Therefore, I am reducing the price on all oracle decks until they are sold out. This is the perfect opportunity to grab your favorite Soul Trees decks at a great discount!

 Don't miss out on this incredible sale!

I am ready for something new and to make some changes. I intend for my decks to be a part of my future growth, however, I need a release & reset for 2024. I am creating the space for myself to recreate how I wish to move forward with my work.


Each print run of the Soul Trees Oracle, Ascension Deck & Soul Seeds contains a batch of decks with minor issues. These are in the mix of decks I have left, additionally there are many that are perfect, but I can't know which. So I am opting to offer a big discount to get all of the decks I have left out into the world so they can support and inspire heart-centered guidance now when it is surely needed.


I am not sure when I will reprint. Therefore, take advantage of this offer while original decks straight from the creator are available! The imprefections are minor, I would not sell anything I wouldn't purchase myself for the right price :)

All sales are final. I value my customers and I am grateful for your support. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me. Your satisfaction is important to me.

Soul Trees® oracle decks are simply intuitive. The answers you seek are within you now. These decks inspire a meaningful connection with your intuition and guide you along your journey of self-discovery. Each deck is infused with artistic beauty and simple yet profound wisdom, allowing you to explore your inner world and gain valuable insights that will support your Expansion throughout 2024. - Bright Blessings & Gratitude, Allyson

The feedback I have received regarding the imperfections for the Ascension Deck on Etsy

"I absolutely adore this deck. I have quite a large collection of oracle decks and this is right near the top for me. I'm not bothered by the slight imperfections because it's such a perfect deck for me. Thank you." - Kathy G.

"The quality of the decks is wonderful and the artwork is absolutely stunning. The reduced price deck because of imperfections is perfect in my opinion- I highly doubt I will notice it at all once shuffled and it’s a simple fix with a swipe of a sharpie if it does." - Ladeana

"Amazing deck. I am still getting to know it but we are off to a good start. The quality for the price is outstanding . I love the purple edging . The seller put so much love into the packaging it felt like opening a gift." - Mary

"Really happy with my purchase of both the Soul Trees Ascension Deck and Soul Seeds Oracle Deck. The Soul Trees Ascension Deck was categorized as imperfect, however it's so minor I had a difficult time spotting the imperfection on the edging. The packaged arrived with a personalized hand written note from the creator and an oracle card. Thank you Allyson! These definitely are cards that connect with the soul." - Betty

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1 Comment

Alana Nedd
Alana Nedd
Jul 02

I am in absolute love with the ENTIRE SPUL TREES COLLECTION!!! I wish I had gotten my hands on them sooner, but couldn't be happier to have them now!!!

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