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Cards for the week of the Eclipse!

We can unearth opportunities and growth when we welcome new potential and experiences. If we want to embrace our journey more fully towards freedom, fulfillment, connection, abundance (and more) we need to allow ourselves to flourish and grow like the trees that inspire us. It begins by being open, in ways that support, inspire and challenge us.


Challenge the beliefs and expectations that may be holding you back, and hindering new experiences and expansion. It's time to unlock your true potential and embrace your path more fully towards personal growth and fulfillment. Get honest with yourself, where might you be holding yourself back and even defending limitations. We often try to anticipate outcomes, talking ourselves out of even trying new things because we already expect and believe it won't work out "because..."


Throughout this week and next 6 months, embrace self-growth. With a mindset of curiosity, openness and honesty, this combination will provide the perfect environment for you to grow, learn and flourish. Leave behind what you think you already know, to create space for new learning, transformation and expansion. 

Consider setting new intentions for the next six months and embrace the opportunities that come your way during this total solar eclipse. Get ready to shine and experience major personal growth and clarity - the surprises ahead are just the beginning!

Just like the roots of a tree, our souls also seek to grow and thrive. Let this be your fresh start towards discovering your true self more deeply and reaching new heights of physical and spiritual fulfillment.

Enjoy the eclipse on Monday! If you can't see it due to location or weather, I hope you take advantage of the powerful energy.

Wishing you a majestic week!! - Allyson

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Beliefs & Expectations - Ascension Deck


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