Soul Trees® Oracle Cards consists of 80 vibrant trees. The deck is made up of Soul Trees®, Interpretation, and Chakra cards. The purpose of this deck is to facilitate guidance, inspiration and assist you in accessing your intuition. 


This deck comes with a small 16-page booklet that will get you started using simple layouts and straightforward interpretations of the Soul Trees cards and Chakras. There are 11 interpretation cards in the deck that are left open to your own interpretation. You will not find card meanings in the booklet for these 11 cards. I encourage you to create your own meaning, which can be simple or complex and may vary from reading to reading. Trust yourself!


Soul Trees® Oracle Cards provide a fun and meaningful way to connect with your inner wisdom. You can use the cards for yourself or with friends. You can simply choose a card a day for a daily message or you can use it to help guide you in getting answers to your bigger questions. 


This deck is great on its own and is a wonderful accompaniment to use with other Oracle or Tarot decks. This deck is for everyone with all levels of experience (or no experience) using oracle and tarot cards.


Soul Trees® Oracle Cards

  • This deck contains 62 Soul Tree cards, 11 Interpretation cards, and 7 chakra cards. There are simple card meanings in the 16 page booklet for the Soul Trees and a brief description of each Chakra. There are 11 interpretation cards in the deck that are left open to your own interpretation. *You will not find card meanings in the booklet for the interpretation cards. Trust your inner voice when these cards appear in a reading!

    This deck includes:

    • 80 oracle cards
    • Simple booklet
    • printed on 350gsm smooth card stock
    • card size: 2.75" x 4.75" (standard tarot card)
    • deluxe linen textured box