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Soul Trees® original artwork created for and inspired by you! You may create an intention that will guide the painting or choose to allow and be open to what comes to me for you.  


Is there something you would like to bring into your life in 2020!? For example: love, abundance, expansion, gratitude, openness, etc. Your intention can be a single word or a more descriptive sentence like the example below.


Client Intention: "Expansiveness. It is my intention to expand with creativity and love as far as I can.”


When you receive your Soul Tree it will be accompanied by a short message and a few questions to help you personally tap into the wisdom and inspiration your tree holds for you.


I recommend keeping your Soul Tree in an area of your home where you will see it frequently. The painting will serve as a reminder of your intention, keeping this energy present with you will assist in transforming your intention into your experience.


Soul Trees® are typically painted using gouache paint on watercolor paper or board,  9" x 12" artwork, matted to 11" x 14".


If you have a special request, would prefer a different size or medium, please contact me for a quote. I am happy to accommodate special requests within reason.


Your painting will ship in about 14 days (please account for additional days in transit by USPS)


* It could be more or less depending the amount of orders I currently have. You will be notified when your painting is on the way.

Original Soul Trees

  • I, Allyson Williams-Yee, own the rights to your original Soul Tree. It may be used for promotional material, Social Media posts, or in future creations. Your identifying information will not be used. If you do not want your Soul Tree to be used in any of these capacities, please send an e-mail to SoulTreesContact@gmail.com

    Soul Trees® is a Trademarked process and cannot be replicated without permission from Allyson Williams-Yee.

  • There are no returns on custom artwork. Please be sure you are open and ready for what you receive.