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Autumn Update

Exciting News!! The original Soul Trees Oracle deck is available in the Deckible App.

I have been playing with the deck daily for the last few months, as it has been in development, and I can honestly say I get the cards I need just as I always do with the physical deck. It has been amazing! I am excited to be able to offer my customers around the world this option as shipping is so expensive. This is a great alternative to the physical cards with the same results!

I intend to add all of my decks to the app, even the out of print Self-Discovery cards! I will let you know as the other decks become available in the App. There are so many great decks to discover from other creators on Deckible and more and more will become available moving forward. I highly encourage you to check it out!!

The poplular Ascension Deck is now out of stock. I am offering a special price for the decks I have with imperfect edges. I will reorder this deck in 2023, without edging. The purple edging is lovely, but I will go back to natural edging for future printings. I encourage you to take advantage of this offer if you would enjoy this unique edging!

In other news! I am once again offering custom Soul Trees®. It is such an honor to create these one of a kind Soul Trees®! Each one is totally unique, as it reflects your energy, and it is a truly incredible experience and gift to give and receive.

"I received my Soul Tree as a surprise gift. Immediately upon opening it, I was amazed by how it connected with me. Seeing my inner light bursting out into the stunning colors brought me to tears. As someone who often overlooks themselves, it was amazing to truly see myself represented in this beautiful art and know that I am worthy, loved, and seen for who I am." - A.G.

I hope you are enjoying the Season! Wishing you a beautiful November!


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