I am considering rereleasing a 3rd edition in the Autumn of 2021. 


The Dreamer’s Journey Major Arcana Oracle provides inspiration and guidance through 44 ethereal paintings that reflect my interpretation of the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana and 22 complementary oracle cards. This deck is a wonderful tool for self-discovery that will reflect what is happening for you now and connect you with your inner dreamer.

The 44 paintings are accompanied by the interpretations directly on the cards. Using your intuition along with the interpretations and artwork adds another layer to the card’s message. The deck comes with simple instruction cards that will get you started working with this magical deck.


The original artwork was created using oil paint on canvas.

The Dreamer's Journey

  • This deck features:

    • 44 cards large cards (3.5" x 5.25")
    • interpretations on the cards
    • simple instruction cards
    • new box! (2 part vertical box)