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The card for the week - from The Dreamer’s Journey - invites us to wake up to deeper aspects of ourselves that have been hidden or suppressed. Turn awareness within to acknowledge and confront emotions, fears, insecurities, that have been buried and/or avoided for quite some time. This internal unveiling offers personal growth, expanded self-awareness, and healing as we embrace and integrate these aspects of our identity.

What are you waking up to within yourself that is ready to be seen and transformed? Be patient, the process involves honesty, self-reflection and can take time to uncover and recognize. Journaling is a helpful tool throughout the process in addition to talking to someone who is trusted and supportive.

Deepen your self-discovery with Soul Trees tools!

Schedule and Emotion Code or Body Code Session with me to help uncover and release the trapped (unprocessed) emotions that are creating imbalances within you now and are ready to be released. Typically, my clients say they feel more peaceful, patient, lighter, heartcentered, and more...

Personally, going through this process myself openned my awareness to what I call my "playlist" of go to emotions, responses and reactions that have been keeping me stuck in cycles that have grown frustrating and old. I feel more inner freedom and expanded self-awareness. If you are curious to learn more, contact me!

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