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How willing are you?

Midweek Message - Willingness

How willing are you to: see the lesson? stay the course? trust the outcome? take a risk? be patient? How often do we consider our willingness when we want to create change or bring something new into our lives?

We have to ask ourselves how willing we are to actually commit to creating new patterns, invest in ourselves, take (what might feel like) a risk and stretch ourselves until we get to that new place we desire.

Think of something you’ve been wanting to bring into your life and ask yourself, “Am I willing?” What comes up? Then say, “I am willing!” How does it feel? Exciting, scary, do you realize you may not be as willing at this moment as you might have thought? That’s okay too, becoming aware of where you’re at is a great first step.

Start a conversation with yourself. What step are you ready and willing to take now? If you discover you are not truly ready, ask yourself why? What’s holding you back? What do you feel you need now? Begin digging in by journaling or talking it through with a trusted friend. Just starting with these simple questions can give you new insights and awareness that are the first steps toward your goal. ❤


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