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May Treasures

Updated: May 2, 2023

Happy May!! I pulled the Treasure card for the week, from the Soul Seeds Oracle. A wonderful way to step into May. Here are a few questions to think about, perhaps journal and dig into more deeply if you are currently feeling like you are ready for more but not sure what step to take next.

What are you ultimately searching for? What is the fear that is holding you back? What would it take for you to step into the unknown?

After exploring these questions, ask yourself: "what small step(s) can I begin with now, and continue with throughout the month that will move me in the direction of ... (a particular goal or dream)?"

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. - Joseph Campbell

Small steps create openness and give action to our intentions. Taking action loosens resistance, ignites momentum, and when we are in the flow synchronicities begin to occur. The caveat is we have to show up to get flow going and get out of our own way. When we show up for the small steps consistently we become inspired and less resistant to move on to the bigger steps, creating unlimited potentials and possibilities. It is really about the treasures we unlock within ourselves and experience along the way...

I invite you to explore the questions above honestly. I hope they assist you in getting to the heart of what is holding you back from accessing and embracing the treasures your journey holds for you. 💕

Have you checked out the original Soul Trees Oracle on deckible? Deckible is an App for card decks. I use the Soul Trees Oracle on my phones daily. I love to pull a card when I need insight on the spot (wherever I am) and it is always on point. It is incredible! If you would like to see the other Soul Trees decks on Deckible please let me know and specify which deck you are most interested in. Thank you!

I am growing my coaching business and would love to work with you! I coach using a holistic approach, which takes into account the whole person: Mind/Body/Spirit. I also address emotional, intuitive, and creative aspects.

As I hold space for your expansion, we will use the Soul Trees decks, decode your dreams, exlpore and release limiting beliefs and more... Contact me for more info and let me know where I can support you in your journey.

Wishing you a beautiful and inspiring month ahead filled with treasures to explore, unlock and experience!

Bright Blessings & Gratitude, Allyson

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