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Original Soul Trees®

Inspiration for 2023 and beyond!!

Soul Trees® are custom artwork created for your journey and inspired by your energy.

I started creating Soul Trees® in 2011 and in 2012 the collection that was unfolding became the inspiration and foundation of my first oracle deck. Each tree was totally unique and had a different message and energy. The family, friends & clients that I created Soul Trees® for from the beginning continue to find their artwork and messages meaningful and inspiring.

There are two ways to go about having a Soul Tree made.

1) You can set a specific intention that will guide my process and therefore the tree that is created for you. It will root your intention energetically and serve as visual inspiration.

2) You can set an intention to be open to what comes through your Soul Tree now, by way of visual (artwork) and written message. example. "I am open to what I need to know now for my growth and healing."

The artwork is accompanied by a typed (approximately 1 page) message that incorporates the process I experienced when connecting with your energy and messages that come up. Like an oracle or tarot card, your painting will hold visual significance for you that may not even be apparent to me. You will see things within the artwork that are meaningful to you and get your attention just as when you pull a card. Additionally, you may find over time, you notice different aspects about the tree you hadn't noticed before. As you expand the wisdom from your Soul Tree will as well.

All paintings are done in a combination of watercolor, gouache and ink paint on watercolor paper, matted to 11" x 14". If you are interested in another medium please contact me and we can discuss options and a quote. I recommend keeping your Soul Tree in an area of your home where you will see it often and be inspired by the intention and energy it holds for you.

Intentions are powerful!

"Because energy is intelligent, it actually has the ability to obey or cooperate with your intention." - Dr. Bradley Nelson

I invite you to create an intention for your Soul Tree that will inspire and expand your life experiences and the journey of your Soul during this transformative time!

Blessings & Gratitude,


"Thank you, Allyson, for working on this for me. It’s such a beautiful painting, a stunning tree, and a heart-felt message. I love it!" - Catherine, Australia

"I received my Soul Tree as a surprise gift. Immediately upon opening it, I was amazed by how it connected with me. Seeing my inner light bursting out into the stunning colors brought me to tears. As someone who often overlooks themselves, it was amazing to truly see myself represented in this beautiful art and know that I am worthy, loved, and seen for who I am." - A.G. USA


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Jan 22, 2023

Do you create soul trees for couples? Like one tree based on the energies of two people. What about family soul trees? Maybe now it’s becoming a forest!

Jan 23, 2023
Replying to

Hello! Yes, I do create Soul Trees for couples, the first tree on the listing was a wedding gift for example. I have not yet done a family altogether in one painting. I created Soul Trees for families individually. I would be open to giving it a try if you are interested, yes a forest! I always love to see where this goes. :) Email me if you would like to explore this. Have a wonderful day! Thank you!

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