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Intention and follow through... create regularly

One of my intentions for 2019 has been to sketch daily. I have not accomplished this everyday, but have sketched more days than not. Some days I've filled many pages in my sketchbook, more than making up for the missed days. So far, I have as many sketches as there have been days this year.

Since January 1st, I have created more drawings than I have in years, since college. Allowing myself to sketch or even doodle occasionally and releasing any expectation has freed up my ability to follow through, and made it very enjoyable.

The point of this intention was to find a way I could create something daily and to get back to the basics of my art. I have continued to paint, but not as often as I would like. I felt surely I could sketch each day, it takes less time, no clean up and I love to draw. I also hoped sketching would inspire new paintings...

So far sketching has inspired more sketching. I am enjoying the process and new ideas are flowing. I am going to continue to follow the inspiration wherever it leads and I am excited about just creating more.

How about you? What hobby or interest have you wanted to try, or get back to, but you have yet to begin? How can you start small and release the expectations that discourage effort (like self-judgement)? Take a small step or set aside a short amount of time each day (or weekly). What will work for you? It's okay to start really small if that is what it takes to begin.

Personally, I figured I could start by giving myself 10 mins a day to sketch. That is how I began, I don't put a time limit on it at this point, I just draw for as long as I want to.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Make an appointment with yourself and put it in your calendar or set a reminder. If you miss a day or two, get back to it and keep going.

  2. Try to string a few days together, this increases your chances of successfully making it a habit.

  3. Tell a friend, family member, pet, or if you feel so bold you can post it on your social media of choice. Telling even one person holds you more accountable, increasing your chances of follow-through, especially in the beginning.

  4. Better yet, find a friend or family member that also has something they would like to create or work on and check-in with each other regularly.

  5. Keep your expectations for what you can accomplish low, but be consistent. You can do more as you feel inspired. You are trying to set up the habit or ritual of creating first.

  6. Don't give up! If you decide to change up what you are working on do that. There are no rules, just some helpful guidelines to support your intention of creating something that adds meaning, peace, creativity, balance, and enjoyment to your day.

March is just a couple of days away. A new month feels like an opportunity for a fresh start but you can begin anytime. The best time is when you feel inspired and don't wait a minute longer, you may talk yourself out of it.

Keeping on with it, I’ll continue to share from my sketchbook @SoulTrees Instagram. Checkout my stories there as well, I post sketches there the most. Now I have dived a bit deeper into this accountability thing, how about you, where can you begin?

If you'd like to share with me what your working toward, I'd love to hear from you. Comment below or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook, comment with your intention on any of my posts. ✏️📒

Thank you for being here!

Gratitude & Good vibes,



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