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Soul Trees® card decks

Soul Trees® offers inspirational tools to expand your self-awareness and connect you to the deep insight of your inner wisdom. Oracle cards reflect your energy and mirror what is happening for you now, which brings clarity and the opportunity for self-discovery. These decks are for everyone, beginners looking for their first oracle deck to seasoned readers.

All of the decks are to be used as you feel inspired and rely first and foremost on your own interpretations of the cards. I created these decks to support you on your journey by connecting you to your truth.

Some ways to work with the cards:

  • Select a card a day to offer a daily message or point of focus/reflection.

  • Journaling prompts.

  • A tool for meditation,

  • Pick a card or more to gain insight and clarity on a specific question.

  • Use for in-depth readings, three card spreads or create your own.

  • Use with other Oracle or Tarot decks for additional insight and meaning.

We all have the answers we seek within ourselves, sometimes we just need a little help connecting to our inner voice.

Soul Trees decks are in 44 countries! For yourself or someone you love, Soul Trees® oracle decks and gifts offer a heart-centered experience providing inspiration, the opportunity for self-discovery and a way to connect to the wisdom of your higher-self.


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