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Be Open

Mid-week message - Be Open

What can you be more open to now?

I pulled this card around noon today. An hour later, I was catching up on an online course and I opened the homework PDF. There it was, a paragraph that began with, "Be open to new experiences..."! On top of that, part of the discussion was focused on synchronicities!

I think we often feel we are more open than we really are. Whenever I pull this card, it reminds me to expand my awareness, do an honest check-in with myself and go deeper into being more open than I think I am. It nudges me to be receptive to new ideas, people, experiences, and opportunities. To not only be more open to being in a receptive state but also, giving. Be more open in self-expression and authentic with communicating: thoughts, ideas and honoring my feelings. It can also be a nudge to step out of an area of comfort. Consider being open to stretching in so many different ways, more than I could list here.

What comes to mind for you? What could you be more open to now? See what follows after reading this, any fun synchronicities or direct messages to "Be open to..." If anything unique happens that gets your attention and you are open to sharing ;) I would love to hear from you! It doesn't matter if you are reading this the day the card was pulled or anytime after, when you read it, it is perfect timing for you.

I hope this short post reminds you to be more open moving forward from this moment with curiosity and receptiveness. It is so easy to stay where we are comfortable, but that is not how we will expand our lives and ultimately our souls, considering this inspires me to be more open to what comes next.

Bright blessings & Gratitude,



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