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A little about me & Soul Trees

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

I love to paint and create. I love nature: trees, flowers, clouds, and water. I love learning about people, the Universe, energy, and spirituality. I think we are amazing beings capable of more than we tend to believe about ourselves and each other. This is my passion.

I love sharing what inspires me in hopes that it inspires you. My heart is in my work and I think that it speaks for itself. As I continue to learn and evolve on this journey, I will play with new ways to bring together my love for painting, creating and exploring the wonders of our world.

How I created Soul Trees®

I spent a good number of years painting and taking weekend spiritual workshops. I loved to do both so much, I often wished I could find a way to bring these two interests together. I was in the spiritual closet 10 years ago, afraid of being seen as "woo woo." I kept a low profile with this interest. However, I really wanted to figure this out and kept saying to myself and the few people who knew all of this about me, "How can I combine my love for painting and intuition?"

One Sunday afternoon in October 2010, my question was answered. I was laying down while my 2 year old daughter was napping. While in the twilight stage of sleeping I heard clearly "Soul Trees". My reaction was of course! I popped up and used what time I had left to begin playing and creating what a Soul Tree might look like. I began to create Soul Trees® for the next couple of years for friends, family, friends of friends, and then customers. Wow! This was quite a process and it gave me the opportunity to reveal to my family my spiritual and intuitive interests. What I found fascinating is the people I did not expect to be interested were my biggest supporters. And so this is how it began. Even though I now had my answer I had to continue to push through my anxiety and fears of pursuing something that had no precedent.

What's next?

For me Soul Trees® is about art, energy, creating, and most importantly tuning into my intuitive self. It has offered me a vehicle to share with people a way to connect with their intuitive, higher-self for meaningful inspiration and clarity which can be life changing.

I am finding myself ready to reinvent Soul Trees®. It is 8 years later and I want my work to resonate to who I am today, this is important to me because I have changed and my life is transforming. I am ready to paint more, explore more and incorporate more of what is emerging from within me to offer you more Soul Trees® tools.

Thank you for your interest in my journey and creations. I love my customers who live all over the world, and am truly grateful to have you here with me. I look forward to what the future unfolds.


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