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New Deck(s) Update!!

NEWS!! As you may have seen on Social Media, Soul Trees® has two new decks that will be coming out in the next few months!! The first deck, the Ascension Deck, is in production now and is expected to drop in late December (at the earliest). I recently added PRE-ORDERS to the shop if you'd like to reserve your copy now!

The Ascension Deck includes my signature trees and additional elements, creating another 80 card deck. In addition to the intention of inspiring a connection to your inner wisdom & self-discovery, this deck was created to support you in your expansion during this unpredictable time on earth. The artwork in this deck is vibrant and ethereal with new messages,  accompanied by a small booklet to help you get started working with the deck.

The second deck, Soulseeds, is a new expression. It has been such a  joy creating these cosmic, playful and magical little puffs. I am finishing up the artwork now. I hope this deck will be ready in early 2021.

2020 has been a wild year to say the least, but I am grateful that throughout the chaos of the outer world, my inner world has felt a new level of creativity. I hope that what I have created this year can inspire you and your journey in a meaningful and/or playful way.

All Soul Trees® decks will be available on, SoulTreesArt Etsy shop and on the new IndieDeckHub, which are great options if you would like to buy additional items and decks from other creators in one shop! Supporting Indie makers and all small business creators is so important!

* At this time pre-orders are only available at

For updates and sneak peeks of the artwork and card samples!

Thank you for your interest and support!!

Peace & Gratitude,



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2 commentaires

22 déc. 2020

What beautiful cards. I just pulled the Honor Yourself Soul Tree card for a client and it had the most beautiful sweetest most stunning healing energy. Thank you for the wonderful work you do! Alex at All Aligned Healing.

25 avr. 2021
En réponse à

Thank you, Alex!

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