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What's your story?

Sharing our personal stories, the ones in which we have learned important lessons through challenging, unforseen, mystical or humorous experiences, can be healing and inspiring. It creates the space for teaching, connection and great storytelling.

Then there are the stories we tell ourselves and others (when we need to vent) repeatedly that keep us stuck in a loop, recreating the same experiences. We can recognize these kinds of stories for they will often contain an “always” or “can’t”, which limits our awareness, possibilities and growth.

Here is how to tell the difference. Do the stories you share inspire, offer your listener information, and a different perspective? Or are they feeding confusion in a way that keeps you from moving forward? "I don't know why...? This always happens... I can't seem to..." The good news about these kinds of stories is they are still being created and the script can be rewritten now to create positive changes.

As you read this, which message does this card have for you now? Perhaps it is both. Is it time to open up and share a story for healing, transformation, and connection or is it time to retire an old story that has held you back?

If by the end of this you have discovered you might be more focused on the limiting stories, congratulate yourself on the awareness. This is an invitation to shift your focus now. We all do this, it's a human condition. Therefore, we all need a gentle nudge from time to time.

As you go forward into your week and the rest of the month, keep in mind the power of your words and the stories you express. They can create expansion or limitation. Observe which kind of stories are you telling and redirect your intention as you catch yourself. By sharing more of your empowering, inspirational and humorous stories you will create more of them and wonderful connections!

✨ The "Story" card is from the Soul Seeds Oracle and is open to your own interpretation. This is the message for consideration that came to me when I pulled the card this past Sunday morning.✨

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