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New creations revisited...

As you may have seen, The Dreamer's Journey, is no longer available. While I struggled a bit with the decision to call it, primarily because I continue to receive inquires, I felt it was time to close that chapter. As one door closes... I discovered a new creation was being birthed within me. A new Soul Trees deck will come to light in 2020. It is yet to be titled and paintings are still being created for it. You can catch glimpses of some of the cards and creation of the artwork on Instagram. In Stories, I post works in progress and I've been playing with and posting some of what I have so far. This deck will expand on trees and continue deeper self-exploration and discovery.

As I write this, Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio and it is a time that is supportive for revisiting former projects... Recently, I received a request from a friend to create a Soul Tree for her partner, for a unique Christmas gift. She asked if I was still doing them, and while I had taken a break from creating them for others, I have indeed continued to create them for the simple joy of creating. This simple request stirred something exciting within me, so I said, "Yes! I would love to!" And thus, this is how I decided now is the right time to extend the offer again to you. Honestly, it hadn't occurred to me until a moment ago that the energy of MIR might have helped this unfold. ;)

If you are new to Soul Trees®, they are a unique process I created 9 years ago, and it has grown and evolved as I have. A personalized Soul Tree is like a card in one of the Soul Trees decks, but it is yours. It will inspire you to be your greatest-self and open your heart to possibilities that exist within you but may be currently untapped. It is a reminder, a nudge, a friend. The original Soul Trees deck is a culmination of the trees that I created for other people over the first few years. I was pretty amazed with how unique each one was and how each message was different. I soon discovered that an oracle deck was unfolding... So here we are again... ready for the next chapter in Soul Trees and ready to create for you...

You can read more about this offering here

Peace & Gratitude,



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