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Almost Soul Out! Will not be restocked.


The Self-Discovery Cards offer further opportunity for a variety of new insights and inspiration when combined with your inner wisdom. 


This deck contains instruction cards, but as always with my decks, you are encouraged to allow your inner voice to guide you. This deck is about reflection and action, prompting you to ask yourself bigger questions. It will invite you to dig deeper and be nurturing to yourself at the same time.


Bundle the Soul Trees® Journal with the Self-Discovery deck! Using the journal to record your insights when working with the deck can help you uncover a deeper layer of insights, offering clarity and new discoveries. 


The original artwork was created using gouache on watercolor paper.

Soul Trees® Self-Discovery deck

Out of Stock
  • Soul Trees® Self-Discovery Cards feature:

    • 56 new vibrant trees
    • card size is 3.5" x 5"
    • 350 gsm card stock
    • instruction cards
    • sturdy two part box
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