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Welcome Prosperity!

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

Message for the week!

Enjoy the fun unexpected ways prosperity shows up for you this week. Be open, receptive, and appreciate the unfolding.

Appreciation and Gratitude open things up but it is important to be welcoming and receptive. Often we are not aligned with the things we desire simply because we are not in receiving mode. We don’t believe it could happen for us, we can’t figure out how, we don’t feel deserving, and/or it may feel selfish.

If you are curious to test your receptivity right now, close your eyes and imagine something abundant that you have been wanting for some time coming to you. How does it feel in your body, in your mind? Do you feel open and excited? Or tight, tense, and a bit resistant? What is your reaction to what you experience? If you found you were excited and it felt great, awesome! Welcome prosperity into your life now with open arms!

If you found yourself feeling some resistance, ask yourself, why? Where did you feel the tension? Try to breathe into that area and release. Discovering you hold resistance to recieving is a great beginning. So often we don't even realize we don't actually welcome what we desire, yet we wonder why things are not happening and feel like its just not going to happen for us. Not true! It can and it will, once you free yourself up from any limiting beliefs or negative associations.

Play with being more receptive now. Begin with anticipating and welcoming things that feel comfortable and little by little work your way up to bigger items and desires. When you feel resistance rise, inquire why, what is it trying to tell you? Breathe into it and if you are open to taking it another step further, journal, get it all out on the paper and let it go!!

While limiting beliefs take time to uncover and work through (with patience and willingness) stepping into your week with openness and gratitude is a nice start.

Have a beautiful week!


I am officially launching my coaching practice! I would love to work with you to discover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from prosperity, receiving and stepping into your abundance. Contact me to get started!

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1 Comment

Oct 25, 2019

I truly appreciate this one! I feel a lot of resistance I believe from prior let downs, or conditioning. Like I don't deserve it or no matter how much I work, it doesn't ever come, so I think that I feel like a prosperous lifestyle is never going to happen. If any of this makes sense. It feels like that I can't find myself feeling prosperous when I've never had it. But I try to always think about the small things that are actually prosperity and I need to focus on those to keep me going mentally. This post just got me thinking and hit me into really thinking of the word prosperity and what it means to me. Thanks!…

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