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The Dreamer has arrived!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

The third edition of The Dreamer's Journey has arrived! All pre-orders have shipped! I am excited about this third edition, and I personally am enjoying this new card size. This was my first time going with a smaller card. It is really easy to shuffle and so convenient to take along. The box is sturdy and compact and it all feels so good together.

There is no booklet with this deck, however there is an instruction (accordian style) insert. All Soul Trees decks are intuitive decks that offer the opportunity to go within and discover what messages the cards hold individually. I believe a card will not mean the same thing for each person. With each card pull we want to be open and receptive to the possibilities and messages the cards inspire. I don't want to limit the cards or the potential. Therefore, I decided early on in my deck creating journey to create the space to leave card interpretations open. You will find a simple place to begin directly on the cards in this deck and straightforward offerings in my other decks, that provide general starting points. I encourage you to go within, trust your intuition, what you feel, and expand on each card as you work with any of the Soul Trees decks.

Other exciting news, the Soul Trees Oracle will soon be available in the Deckible App with other amazing decks from many creators all in one place. My intention is to eventually have all of the Soul Trees decks available in the App. I am starting with one and will move forward with the others. I will let you know when it rolls out!

Thank you for your interest and contact me with any questions!


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