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Journaling for Self-Discovery

When working with any of the Soul Trees® card decks, you can dive deeper into self-discovery by writing down your impression of the card(s) you’ve selected. Simply begin with what the message may mean for you in the moment. A card may have a different message and meaning for you the next time you pull the same card, (which is why it can be fascinating to record your thoughts and intuitive hits.) You may pull the same card a week or two later or not for several months. Once you begin writing, further insight is likely to follow and flow as you are creating a space of openness and receptivity. This provides broader clarity, strengthens your intuition, and deepens your self-awareness.

Journaling is a great way to dive deeper into learning more about ourselves. In addition to journaling card insight, I love to journal messages that come during meditation, and dreams that feel significant. I recommend keeping a journal on your nightstand to write down nighttime (or nap time) dreams that catch your attention. You know the dreams that are extra vivid or magical? Further insight always comes when we write our dreams out. We get a broader perspective and hear meaningful clues in our description of details we process, outside of our mind just skimming the replay.

Try not to wait too long to write down the dreams that wake you and shake you up! Often we think we will remember a dream that is so good, and it slips away too fast. I love flipping through journals to rediscover cool dreams I had long forgotten, I silently congratulate myself for writing them down. Dreams are timeless. The message you reread months or years later can hold the same impact as the night you had it.

Personally, my favorite things to reread in my journals are my self-discoveries and creative ideas. The day to day stuff I never reread, but I relish the nuggets of wisdom that come through cards, dreams, and during meditation.✨

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