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Deck updates!

Both the Ascension and Soul Seeds decks are available now in the shop or on Etsy!! I love these new decks so much and have enjoyed creating them throughout 2020 & early 2021. I am feeling in the flow and have been considering my next projects...

After hearing from many people interested in The Dreamer's Journey, I have decided to create a Third Edition. There will be significant changes to this deck. The original 44 images will remain and I am planning to add four new cards for a deck of 48. The decks home will be nuzzled in a new box. There will be other changes, as I am working on it now, things can still shift around a bit. But those are the changes you can anticipate at this point. This deck has changed between editions and I am excited about this third offering.

The original Soul Trees® deck is currently out of stock and will also be back later this year with a Third Edition!! Updates will include a new box, new card back, and updated booklet!! Working on these decks now, I hope to have them by the Holidays, but will keep you posted here and on Instagram as these projects evolve. Contact me with any questions! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

* If you are interested in the current edition of the Soul Trees Oracle, I have blemished box decks available in the shop.


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