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Allowing, though uncertainty creates...

I pulled this card on Friday personally and Sunday as the card for the week collectively. I love when this happens because the cards that repeat get my extra attention. Like the deck is saying, "not so fast, dig into this one a little more!" And I did. I reflected on areas of my life that I am feeling a bit stuck or frustrated with and considered, what am I not allowing right now, what am I trying to control? What is holding me back? Where am I experiencing resistance from within myself, which is showing me I am not allowing because I am trying to steer an outcome?

This is often how I read this card, not being open to flow and that is usually what it reflects to me. But as I said above, pulling it twice within three days, I had to go a step further. So I flipped the script and what came to mind was the question, what have I been allowing that is no longer serving me or perhaps has been serving me in a way that is not enhancing my journey, but keeping me stuck in a place of comfort (which is ultimately uncomfortable)? What have I been in agreement with, thus allowing to continue? I discovered, I continue to hold myself back because taking big steps is too scary and uncertain. I may not like it, but I am use to it, and the known and expected can get comfortable. So for me, both of the views on this card applied in big ways to the same issue. Digging in and bringing both aspects to my awareness has since the weekend shifted my energy and my week. I feel more openness, inner freedom, flow, and an internal shift.

Allowing is something we could be remind to do almost daily. When we bump up against resistance and frustration we can ask ourselves the following:

  • What am I not allowing that would benefit my life and expansion right now?

  • Why am I not more open to this right now?

  • What am I afraid of?

  • What might I be continuing to allow that is keeping me stuck or stagnant in a space that is not challenging me in positive ways?

  • Is it more comfortable to stay with the known than to be open to the mystery (another card I pulled in the mix) and even possible magic that could lie within the unknown?

Throughout the next few days and weeks, observe your reactions and responses. Are you open and allowing or trying to control and/or resisting the flow of changes, shifts, opportunities that present themselves? Allowing may bring up feelings of uncertainty but it it creates the freedom, magic and often the outcomes we desire.

"You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen." - Paulo Coelho


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