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Uncertain times call for creativity!!

We are in a crazy time of uncertainty like never before. It feels scary, yet while aspects of life are extremely limited, it is a time to go within and get creative. There are opportunities for major growth and lessons in times of uncertainty. We each have to decide how to approach this period. Having more questions then answers, we can open ourselves up to being present and doing what we can for ourselves, our family, and our community with a new approach that is kind and heart centered. We will come out the other side stronger individually and collectively.

What will you do with this time? What can you create internally and externally for support and comfort?

I will take this time to continue to paint and work on the new Soul Trees deck. I received the most recent sample this past week. There are a lot of cards and I have new paintings in the works. I have felt in a creative flow and I feel called to honor it as long as it lasts. I am curious to see where this deck will go from here. Currently it looks like it will be another large deck like the Soul Trees Oracle (80 cards) or larger. I am going to play with this offering and think outside of the box. Stay tuned!

During this uncertain time I am here to hold space for you. If you have any questions, want to say hello or work together, feel free to reach out. I always enjoy hearing from you!

Wishing you Peace and Creativity!,


Notice about Soul Trees Decks - I am at the end of my stock of Soul Trees Self-Discovery cards. This deck will then be retired. I am also low on Soul Trees Oracle decks. I will probably reprint this deck eventually however, I will be putting my financial resources into the new deck so it could be a while.

I have several decks of the Soul Trees Oracle that were slightly damaged in transit from the printer. These decks have imprefections or blemishes on the box only (ex. a corner dent). The cards are in the same condition as the regularly priced decks. I am offering these decks for $25, only available on the website:


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