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New Projects!!

...and the Soul Trees Oracle is back in stock!!

Happy Autumn!! I haven't posted a blog in many months, here is an overdue update. The spring was unlike any other and my creativity went into lockdown for March and April. When it emerged in May, it came back strong, stronger than it has been in years, and I followed its lead.

I have finished the artwork for a new deck and am preparing it now for printing. In this new Soul Trees® deck, in addition to my signiture trees, I have added additional elements. It is similar (80 cards!) and different as my style continues to evolve and I am branching out ;) I hope to have this deck ready for you by the end of 2020, (fingers crossed) early 2021, at the latest. But that's not all...

Eventhough the deck was complete, the urge to create continued. I followed the flow, and what has emerged (and continues) is a second deck!! This deck will be an oracle of about 55 cards. You will find these cosmic friends have a simple, whimsical and curious point of view. I am just almost done with the artwork for this deck and have ordered a sample. I will post more photos in a few weeks. The images below are from the early stages.

It is my intention to get both decks printed around the same time, so there will be two decks available for you. Stay tuned for more from these little cosmic puffs!

Thank you for your support, for being here! Be well and enjoy Autumn!

With Gratitude,



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