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New Arrival Update!!

The Ascension Deck has arrived!! I am working on shipping pre-orders now. I hope to be caught up by the end of the week. I received just enough decks to cover the pre-orders. The full shipment will arrive in February. If you pre-ordered before the new year your deck will be on the way shortly. Any orders placed after January 11th will most likely ship in February. I will see what I have left after the first round of pre-orders go out this week. I will add the Ascension Deck to Etsy and Indie Deck Hub in February. Pre-orders are only available on at this time.

Soul Seeds Update: I thought I was done with the artwork... I couldn't help myself and have added a few more Soul Seeds to the deck. :) I am awaiting a sample update now, checkout Instagram for sneak peeks!

As we all know everything is taking a little longer, which is understandable with everything happening in the world. I estimate the Soul Seeds deck will arrive in the Spring. Which will be a lovely time for the sweets puffs to enter the world. I will open pre-orders in late February or March.

I hope you are safe and well.

Peace & Gratitude,



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