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More decks are on the way!!

The third edition of the Soul Trees Oracle is on the way. This original deck and best seller is expected to be back in the shop in November, just before the Holidays! Changes to the third edition include: a new box, updated guide book and new card back. There are no changes to the 80 cards in the deck. The deck has always felt complete to me, as it consistently delivers the messages we need to hear, therefore I wanted to keep it aligned. However, the box, card back and booklet were due for updates.

The 11 interpretation cards still are left open to your own interpretation. They were intentionally left out of the card meaning section for self-interpretation, but unfortunately it created some confusion. So I have included the interpretation cards in the card meaning section of the updated booklet. Instead of interpretations for these cards, you will find questions to ask yourself when these cards show up for you.

I am currently working on the third edition of The Dreamer's Journey. My goal is that it will be available in early 2022. I am adding four new cards to the deck (48 cards total), updated interpretations on the cards, a new box and gilded edges. I have removed the numbers from the 22 inspired Major Arcana cards.

As you may know this deck was inspired by the Tarots Major Arcana. These cards were originally numbered but I felt that having 22 cards numbered and 26 unnumbered may cause a disconnect. I want everyone to feel comfortable working with this deck, whether you are familiar with Tarot or not. This deck is more of a straightup oracle now. If you are familiar with the Major Arcana these cards will hold additional meaning for you.

The Ascension Deck that came out earlier this year has already sold out of it's first printing. I am reprinting this deck now. The second printing will include purple edging. Everything else is the same as the original run. The second printing will also be available by the Holidays.

There will be a price increase for all updated and reprinted decks. As you may have noticed prices are increasing in the world. My printing and shipping costs have increased significantly in the last 12 months.

Take advantage of the Sale Blemished decks in the shop while they last. These decks got a little marked up (box only) on the way from the printer. The cards and booklets are in perfect condition.

I hope I've answered any questions you may have about the reprints that are coming to the shop. If not, let me know. Join my mailing list to learn when pre-orders open and the decks arrive!!

Wishing you a beautiful October!!

With deep gratitude,



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