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Message for March

What is ready to reawaken within you this month?! March is an interesting transitional month. Plants and flowers are ready to surface and trees begin to show their own signs of reawakening, despite mixed and unpredictable weather. The metaphors found throughout nature can be applied to our own experiences if we are open to them and looking for insight and inspiration.

The card for the week was Allow coupled with Reawaken for March, remind us to reawaken to what is ready to emerge from within, supported or perhaps instigated by transition, resilience, intention and openness, etc. Look to nature as it reawakens for inspiration, insight and perspective.

Wishing you an fabulous month!!

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Mar 16, 2023

So far so good this month. I’m awakening from from sleepy winter slumber and I seem to be having more pep in my steps! I love spring!

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