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Happy Spring!!

Awareness is like the sun.

When it shines on things, they are transformed.

- Thich Nhat Hanh

Big discounts on blemished decks

with the extra 25% off!!

Happy Spring!! Springtime brings new perspective, insight and expanded awareness!

I am Spring cleaning and would love to get these decks out into the world! The Ascension deck (purple edging) and the last run of the Soul Trees Oracle (blemished box) are currently available! These decks are a great deal you don't want to miss!

Have you checked out the Deckible app yet?! The original Soul Trees Oracle is available in the app for $9.99.

I use it often and it is convenient to use when you don't have your deck on you and perhaps you are waiting in line somewhere :) You can journal in the app as well. It is a great way to record what your intention or question is and you can look back as it saves all of your spreads. It is pretty cool and I am excited to have an alternative option (or in addition) to the physical deck for international customers with no shipping costs.

Available in the App Store

on the iPhone and Android.

Original Artwork

I have a few original paintings in the shop and more on the way! Each painting holds a specific energy and intention to inspire you within your home or sacred space. Ready to ship!

Original Soul Trees® Custom Artwork

Soul Trees® are created for you and inspired by your intention and energy. Original artwork is created on watercolor paper using gouache, watercolor and/or ink paint and matted to 11" x 14" and is accompanied by a personal message. Custom artwork takes about a month to create and ship.

Soul Trees® bring inspiration and intention to your space. They make a wonderful gift this time of year for all occasions!

If you are in the EU or UK and see something on the website that is not in the Etsy shop that you would like to purchase, please email me and I will create a listing for you on Etsy.

Happy Spring!!

Bright Blessings & Gratitude,



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