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Blue Moon

The energy of the blue moon, August 30th, 9:35pm (EST), is a beautiful opportunity for healing. What are you ready to intentionally heal and release?

Suggestions for working with this energy:

1) Set a clear intention, infuse your intention with love and self-compassion. 2) Pull cards, as many or as few as you feel guided. Use your intuition to interpret the meanings for yourself.

3) Journal, and let it flow, create openness and receptivity to connecting to your deepest wisdom.

4) Last but not least, focus on the flow of your breath.

Your intention lays the groundwork for your healing. The cards will reflect what is happening within you now, bringing something to light for your attention and contemplation. Journaling will expand your insights, providing further clarity. Conscious breathing brings on relaxation, creates openness, and is a gentle experience of flow. It reminds us that when we connect with our breath, we attract and accept the natural flow of life to move through us, to assist us in creating with greater ease.

This past Sunday, I pulled the Breathe card from the Ascension Deck for the message for the week. A lovely support to the energy of this Super Moon. Do you ever catch yourself holding your breath? When we hold our breath, we are focused on a fear in the mind which creates resistance within the body. If we are paying attention when this happens, we will feel our tension, observe that we are not open, allowing, nor trusting the flow of life to move through us and our experiences.

Our power is our attention within the present moment. If we are not present, we are on auto pilot. Truth, connection and creation are not available to us. We are distracted by something we are seeing outside of ourselves or stuck in our mind, in a loop, replaying past stories or projecting fears forward and we end up creating by default.

I invite you to pay closer attention to your breath, check in thoughout each day. Is your breathing shallow, are you holding your breath, are you in a natural rhythm of flow, what is on your mind, how is your body responding? If you find your are feeling tense, breathe slowly and intentionally. Slowing our breathe tells our mind and body we are safe and brings awareness to the present moment.

I breathe therefore I prosper.

- Richard Rudd (triple flame app)

I love this quote. When it popped up on my phone recently, it brought me immediate ease. Allow your breath to show you the way. In and out. Flow. Giving and receiving. It is the flow of life and it will guide the way to that which you intend to create. It is where life begins and ends and the creating of everything in-between. Breathe and trust the flow of your breath within life.

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Enjoy the Super Blue Moon, may you embrace healing, intention, intuition, awareness and observe the flow of your breath and your life.




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