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Are you Allowing or Resisting?

Are you allowing or resisting? There is magic in allowing but the fear of uncertainty and change creates resistance which can show up in a variety of ways.

It is time to do a check in with yourself. Are you aware of something in your life you may not be allowing to unfold naturally and inadvertently creating resistance that maybe manifesting blocks, barriers and even physical dis-ease? Allowing is total trust and resistance is rooted in fear. Which are you giving power and attention to?

Awareness is key. I find journaling helpful in creating clarity and supporting the process of releasing resistance. Activities that create clear mindedness (walking in nature, meditation, breathwork, yoga) or tuning into your body, provide an opportunity to feel where you might be holding tension and therefore resistance. Pulling cards from your favorite deck also offers great insight to sit with and reflect on. I find the cards always show me what is going on within me. The Soul Trees decks are direct and to the point :)

I have special priced blemished decks for $22! There really is nothing wrong with these decks, (just a few blemishes that you won't even notice when you are working with the cards.) They will inspire and support your journey perfectly!

Life works in a very simple way. Resist it less and allow it to unfold the way it wants. Use your power of allowing. — Raphael Zernoff

Soul Trees is here to support your journey of self-discovery and expansion.


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