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The Dreamer's Journey Update!

The Dreamer's Journey, pocket edition is now in production and expected to be available this summer. This Oracle deck, originally inspired by the Tarot's Major Arcana, contains 48 cards (44 in previous editions) 22 cards inspired by the major arcana cards and 26 complementary cards that round out the deck.

Why pocket size? Because it is a fun size and I wanted to try something new. The deck's previous edition consisted of oversized cards. I've discovered that I personally don't love working with oversized cards. I enjoy standard tarot size cards, and smaller cards. They are fun to shuffle, take with and pull on top of other cards. The Dreamer's Journey has short interpretations right on the cards, so all you need is the deck and your intuition.

Other deck updates include 4 additional paintings/cards from the last edition. The major arcana cards were previously numbered, I've removed the numbers and feel this creates a more cohesive deck for anyone to use. If you work with Tarot you will recognize these cards and if not, no worries, the deck is created to be used with or without prior knowledge of the Tarot.

As mentioned above the deck is in production now so please check back for updates. It could be available sooner or later than expected. When I have a more predictable delivery date I will open pre-sales. I can't wait to share this deck with you!

Happy April!


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